Baby Doe in The Ballad of Baby Doe, Central City Opera

Baby Doe in  The Ballad of Baby Doe  at Central City Opera. Photo credit: Mark Kiryluk.

Baby Doe in The Ballad of Baby Doe at Central City Opera.
Photo credit: Mark Kiryluk.

"Petite, with a theater-filling smile, Mongiardo radiated warmth through her unforced, pearly-fresh timbre. All five arias showcased aptly shimmering tone; she was likeable and moving throughout."
Opera News

"Joanna Mongiardo is picture perfect as Baby Doe. Her soaring soprano is a joy throughout."
Out Front Colorado

"Soprano Joanna Mongiardo is a radiant Baby Doe, whose smile embraces and disarms not only the other characters onstage (including her nemesis Augusta) but the audience as well. Her much awaited high D in Act One's Willow Song simply shimmers. In addition to shimmering stratospheric notes, her warm soprano carries some heft, enabling her to endow the character with dramatic overtones, as the opera propels her toward its tragic conclusion. This is a Baby Doe that does more than charm-she matures into magnificent adulthood."
Summit Daily News

"Soprano Joanna Mongiardo showed a particularly pretty lyric tone as Baby Doe. She is a petite and pretty young lady with seemingly effortless high notes. Her Silver Aria was impressively delivered and her final scene-a virtual Liebestod-with the dying Tabor was deeply touching."
Opera Magazine (UK), L'Opera (Italy), Revista Pro Opera (Mexico)

"Baby Doe is portrayed by Joanna Mongiardo, who is very young and beautiful, and a perfect match for the part. She sang with ease the very difficult jumps in the music, and her clear soprano is at its most lovely in the simple songs that emphasize her character of sweetness and attractiveness to Tabor."
Central City Weekly Register

"The soprano's heart-wrenching tenderness as she cradles a dying Tabor, singing him a lullaby, is most effective. Mongiardo's lovely, clear voice enhances her total performance."
Gilpin County News

"Joanna Mongiardo handles the vocal demands of the title role with her suitable rich, golden voice. And she is able to effect the fresh-faced innocence and vivaciousness so essential to this take on Baby Doe."
Denver Post

"Mongiardo lit up the stage from the moment she set foot on it. Blessed with a warm smile and high cheekbones, Mongiardo proved equally ravishing in song. There was a subtle sweetness in her first aria, the Willow Song, and a magical mix of tragic pathos and inspiring conviction in that final tribute to her husband, 'Always through the changing'."
Rocky Mountain News

"Joanna Mongiardo, an American soprano now a major Mozartian in Germany, made Baby Doe a young woman of such innocence and vulnerability that one never suspected ulterior motives."
Musical America

"As Baby Doe, Mongiardo is so convincingly innocent and vulnerable that one never asks about her earlier marriage. She brings a stunning voice-and exemplary diction-to this role."
Boulder Daily Camera

"Beginning with the high D in Willow Song, when Baby Doe sees Horace outside her hotel, until her soulful strains as a destitute widow, Joanna Mongiardo's soaring soprano imbues Baby Doe's love for Horace with an angelic quality that raises the story's premise from a gold digger's ambitions and a middle aged man's identity crisis to a transcendent romance."

"Joanna Mongiardo's Baby Doe was as exquisite and intriguing as ever."
Rocky Mountain News