Rosalina in Il Re, Teatro Grattacielo


"Best Individual Performance of 2011"
David Shengold, Opernwelt Jahrbuch

"As the besotted Rosalina, lyric coloratura Joanna Mongiardo scored a triumph, effortlessly negotiating the fiorature, extended trills and stratospheric high notes originally sung by Toti Dal Monte in 1929."
Opera News

"The part of Rosalina was created for the unique Toti dal Monte, a born actress who had a dark rich voice full of color and nuance that was capable of knocking out fleet coloratura and high notes. Soprano Joanna Mongiardo's firm ruby-colored tone capped with brilliant high Ds and her gift for communication revealed a worthy successor to La Toti."
The Villager

"Joanna Mongiardo was superb as Rosalina... Ms. Mongiardo's beautiful soprano cut through the orchestra and enchanted the audience. An ovation followed."
The Italian Voice

"Joanna Mongiardo, who has a voice of impressive size and warmth, as well as a technique with ornament that should give her Lucia, Philine, and Zerbinetta to choose from, also has a putty face, capable of expressing several emotions at once and of making fun of herself while expressing them. Rosalina is a star role in the glorious line and Mongiardo brought the hall to its feet. If she is a good girl and doesn't sing Norma or the Ernani Elvira too soon, I foresee a great future for her -- and for Il Re, if she cares to remember it. (It's a star vehicle if you've got the star.)
Opera Today